All Series (56)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
St. John Publications Authentic Police Cases 37
Charlton Comics Badge of Justice 4
Spirit Sections Baltimore Sunday Sun 6
Dell Comics Cains Hundred 2
Harvey Comics Chamber of Clues 2
Prize Charlie Chan 5
Charlton Comics Charlie Chan 4
Spirit Sections Chicago Sun 19
Charlton Comics Crime And Justice 25
Ziff-Davis Publishing Crime Clinic 5
Better Nedor Crime Files 2
Ace Comics Crime Must Pay the Penalty 45
St. John Publications Crime Reporter 1
Novelty Press Criminals on the Run 7
Dell Comics Defenders 2
Spirit Sections Detroit News 6
Fawcett Comics Down With Crime 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing Ellery Queen 2
St. John Publications Fugitives from Justice 2
Better Nedor Gang World 2
Harvey Comics Green Hornet 32
Novelty Press Guns Against Gangsters 7
Novelty Press Humdinger 7
Prize Justice Traps the Guilty 46
Quality Comics Ken Shannon 10
Harvey Comics Kerry Drake 7
Charlton Comics Lawbreakers 9
Charlton Comics Lawbreakers Suspense Stories 5
Ace Comics Men Against Crime 3
Spirit Sections Miami Beach Daily Sun 1
Fawcett Comics Mike Barnett 2
Dell Comics Mike Shayne Private Eye 3
Spirit Sections Minneapolis Star 2
Spirit Sections Montreal Standard 2
Ace Comics Mr Risk 2
Spirit Sections Parkchester Review 1
Ace Comics Penalty 2
Spirit Sections Philadelphia Record 33
Charlton Comics Police Trap 2
Charlton Comics Public Defender in Action 5
Charlton Comics Racket Squad 29
Charlton Comics Rookie Cop 7
Charlton Comics Scotland Yard 4
Charlton Comics Sherlock Holmes 2
Spirit Sections Star Ledger 14
Spirit Sections Sunday Mirror 1
Spirit Sections Sunday Star 1
Fawcett Comics Suspense Detective 5
Fiction House The Spirit 5
Quality Comics The Spirit 22
Dell Comics The Untouchables 2
Quality Comics T-Man 37
Ace Comics Trapped 4
Fawcett Comics Underworld Crime 7
St. John Publications Vic Flint 2
Novelty Press Young King Cole 23