All Series (117)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
St. John Publications Abbott and Costello Comics 27
Ziff-Davis Publishing Alice 2
Quality Comics All Humor Comics 17
Better Nedor Alley Oop 1
St. John Publications Anchors the Salt Water Daffy 4
Dell Comics Andy Hardy 6
Dell Comics Animal Comics 30
Fawcett Comics Animal Fair 5
Charlton Comics Atom the Cat 7
Charlton Comics Atomic Bunny 3
Charlton Comics Atomic Mouse 16
Charlton Comics Atomic Rabbit 10
Prize Babe 5
Quality Comics Barker 14
Better Nedor Barnyard Comics 20
St. John Publications Basil the Royal Cat 2
Ziff-Davis Publishing Beanbags 2
Dell Comics Beany and Cecil 5
Dell Comics Beverly Hillbillies 3
Ajax-Farrell Billy Bunny 1
Fawcett Comics Billy the Kid 2
Charlton Comics Bo 3
Better Nedor Boots and Her Buddies 2
Ajax-Farrell Bughouse 1
Quality Comics Buster Bear 7
Better Nedor Buster Bunny 9
Quality Comics Candy 60
Dell Comics Car 54 Where Are You 6
Dell Comics Charlie McCarthy 9
Dell Comics Ciceros Cat 2
Fawcett Comics Comic Comics 4
Better Nedor Coo Coo Comics 34
Prize Dixie Dugan 2
American Comics Group Dizzy Dames 6
Better Nedor Dizzy Duck 3
Harvey Comics Dotty Dripple 10
Dell Comics Dunc and Loo 8
Quality Comics Egbert 9
Charlton Comics Eh 2
Ace Comics Ernie 2
Quality Comics Feature Funnies 15
Better Nedor Freckles and His Friends 2
Charlton Comics Freddy 10
Novelty Press Frisky Fables 24
Charlton Comics From Here to Insanity 3
Ajax-Farrell Full of Fun 2
Charlton Comics Funny Animals 8
Fawcett Comics Funny Animals 27
Ajax-Farrell Funny Fables 1
American Comics Group Funny Films 9
Quality Comics Gabby 9
Fawcett Comics George Pals Puppetoons 2
Dell Comics Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mr. Magoo 5
Charlton Comics Go-Go 4
Better Nedor Goofy Comics 22
Better Nedor Happy Comics 20
Better Nedor Happy Rabbit 5
Dell Comics Henry Aldrich 22
Ajax-Farrell Hi Ho Comics 3
Quality Comics Hickory 5
Charlton Comics Hillbilly Comics 4
Fawcett Comics Hoppy the Marvel Bunny 5
Dell Comics Howdy Doody 38
Harvey Comics Humphrey Comics 4
Dell Comics Im Dickens Hes Fenster 2
St. John Publications Jackie Gleason 2
Charlton Comics Jack-in-the-Box Comics 5
Better Nedor Jetta of the 21st Century 2
Quality Comics Jonesy 8
Better Nedor Kathy 4
American Comics Group Kilroys 53
Dell Comics Kookie 2
Charlton Comics Lil Genius 8
Charlton Comics Lil Rascal Twins 5
Charlton Comics Lil Tomboy 4
Better Nedor Little Angel 12
St. John Publications Little Eva 11
Harvey Comics Little Max 8
Better Nedor Lucky Duck 2
St. John Publications Lucy - The Real Gone Girl 2
Ajax-Farrell Madhouse 4
Dell Comics McHales Navy 3
Dell Comics McKeever and the Colonel 3
St. John Publications Meet Miss Pepper 2
Dell Comics Millie the Lovable Monster 6
Dell Comics Mister Magoo 4
St. John Publications Moon Mullins 2
St. John Publications Mopsy 2
Charlton Comics My Little Margie 10
Charlton Comics My Little Margies Boyfriends 4
Charlton Comics My Little Margies Fashions 1
Dell Comics New Adventures of Pinocchio 3
Harvey Comics Nuttie Comics 1
Better Nedor Peter Pig 7
Charlton Comics Pudgy Pig 2
Harvey Comics Rags Rabbit 4
Better Nedor Real Funnies 5
Charlton Comics Rock and Rollo 4
Ace Comics Scream Comics 4
Dell Comics Smitty 7
Better Nedor Sniffy The Pup 14
Ziff-Davis Publishing Sparkie Radio Pixie 3
Better Nedor Spunky 9
Ajax-Farrell Super Cat 2
Better Nedor Supermouse 0
Harvey Comics Tastee-Freez 2
Better Nedor Television Comics 0
Dell Comics The Comics 7
Dell Comics The Funnies 36
St. John Publications The Three Stooges 4
Charlton Comics This Magazine Is Crazy 1
Charlton Comics Timmy the Timid Ghost 14
Quality Comics Torchy 6
Charlton Comics TV Teens 11
Ace Comics Vicky 3
St. John Publications Whack 4
Dell Comics Winnie Winkle 7