All Series (53)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
Prize All for Love 5
Dell Comics Barbie and Ken 5
Dell Comics Ben Casey 8
Better Nedor Best Romance 3
Ajax-Farrell Brides Diary 2
Charlton Comics Brides in Love 15
Quality Comics Brides Romances 11
St. John Publications Cinderella Love 2
Charlton Comics Cowboy Love 4
Charlton Comics Cynthia Doyle Nurse in Love 3
St. John Publications Diary Secrets 16
Dell Comics Dr Kildare 6
Fawcett Comics Exciting Romances 11
Charlton Comics First Kiss 5
Harvey Comics First Love 7
Quality Comics GI Sweethearts 7
St. John Publications Hollywood Confessions 2
Quality Comics Hollywood Diary 5
Quality Comics Hollywood Secrets 4
Charlton Comics I Love You 15
Better Nedor Intimate Love 1
Charlton Comics Just Married 6
Charlton Comics Love Diary 7
Fawcett Comics Love Mystery 3
Harvey Comics Love Problems 6
Quality Comics Love Secrets 22
Charlton Comics My Secret Life 3
Fawcett Comics Negro Romance 1
Better Nedor New Romances 17
Prize Personal Love 5
Charlton Comics Pictorial Love Stories 4
Better Nedor Popular Romance 85
Dell Comics Private Secretary 2
Ace Comics Real Love 4
American Comics Group Romantic Adventures 10
Charlton Comics Romantic Secrets 20
Charlton Comics Romantic Story 8
Charlton Comics Secrets of Love and Marriage 1
Charlton Comics Secrets of Young Brides 3
Charlton Comics Sweetheart Diary 3
Charlton Comics Sweethearts 8
Charlton Comics Teen Confessions 1
Harvey Comics Teen-Age Brides 1
Charlton Comics Teen-Age Love 8
Better Nedor Thrilling Romances 0
Charlton Comics True Life Secrets 10
St. John Publications True Love Pictorial 11
St. John Publications Wartime Romances 15
Better Nedor Western Hearts 0
Charlton Comics Young Doctors 3
Prize Young Love 8
Charlton Comics Young Lovers 3
Prize Young Romance 18