Novelty Press (Publisher)

Years: 1940 - 1949

Novelty Press (a.k.a. Premium Service Co., Inc.; a.k.a. Novelty Publications; a.k.a. Premier Group) was an American Golden Age comic-book publisher that operated from 1940–1949. It was the comic book imprint of Curtis Publishing Company, publisher of The Saturday Evening Post. Among Novelty's best-known and longest-running titles were Blue Bolt and Target Comics.

Series Count:  9   Total Issue Count:  297

Cover Details
Issues:  34
Blue Bolt
Issues:  93
Criminals on the Run
Issues:  7
Dick Cole
Issues:  1
Frisky Fables
Issues:  24
Guns Against Gangsters
Issues:  7
Issues:  7
Target Comics
Issues:  101
Young King Cole
Issues:  23