American Comics Group (Publisher)

Years: 1943-1967

ACG was an American comic book publisher from 1943 to 1967 that published the medium's first ongoing horror-comics title, Adventures into the Unknown.[2][3] ACG's best-known character was the 1960s satirical-humor hero Herbie Popnecker, who starred for a time in Forbidden Worlds.Founded by Benjamin W. Sangor,[4] ACG was co-owned by Fred Iger from 1948 to 1967.[5] Iger's father-in-law, Harry Donenfeld,[5] head of National Periodical Publications (later known as DC Comics), was also a co-owner in the early 1960s (though Donenfeld was severely incapacitated and out of the business after an accident in 1962).

Series Count:  19   Total Issue Count:  412

Cover Details
Adventures Into The Unknown
Issues:  136
Blazing West
Issues:  12
Clutching Hand
Issues:  1
Commander Battle
Issues:  7
Dizzy Dames
Issues:  6
Forbidden Worlds
Issues:  84
Funny Films
Issues:  9
Hooded Horseman
Issues:  12
Issues:  53
Magic Agent
Issues:  2
Midnight Mystery
Issues:  6
Operation Peril
Issues:  16
Out of the Night
Issues:  17
Romantic Adventures
Issues:  10
Skeleton Hand
Issues:  5
Soldier of Fortune
Issues:  10
Spy and Counterspy
Issues:  2
Issues:  21
Young Heroes
Issues:  3