Fiction House (Publisher)

Years: 1920s - 1950s

Fiction House was an American publisher of pulp magazines and comic books that existed from the 1920s to the 1950s. Its comics division- best known for its pinup-style good girl art- got its birth working with partner Iger Studio- featuring the talents of Will Eisner and Matt Baker- among others.

Series Count:  20   Total Issue Count:  738

Cover Details
Cowgirl Romances
Issues:  11
Fight Comics
Issues:  84
Firehair Comics
Issues:  11
Ghost Comics
Issues:  11
Issues:  17
Jet Aces
Issues:  4
Jumbo Comics
Issues:  102
Jungle Comics
Issues:  156
Issues:  19
Long Bow
Issues:  9
Man O Mars
Issues:  1
Issues:  2
Movie Comics
Issues:  4
Planet Comics
Issues:  71
Rangers of Freedom
Issues:  69
Issues:  18
The Spirit
Issues:  5
Issues:  18
War Birds
Issues:  3
Wings Comics
Issues:  123