All Series (26)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
Harvey Comics Alarming Tales 6
Ziff-Davis Publishing Amazing Adventures 6
Fawcett Comics Captain Video 6
Ziff-Davis Publishing Crusader from Mars 2
Dell Comics Drift Marlo 2
Better Nedor Fantastic Worlds 3
Better Nedor Lost Worlds 2
Harvey Comics Man in Black 4
Fiction House Man O Mars 1
Charlton Comics Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 13
Charlton Comics Nature Boy 3
Charlton Comics Out Of This World 16
Charlton Comics Outer Space 9
Fiction House Planet Comics 71
Harvey Comics Race for the Moon 3
Ace Comics Space Action 3
Charlton Comics Space Adventures 52
Ziff-Davis Publishing Space Busters 1
Dell Comics Space Man 7
Ziff-Davis Publishing Space Patrol 2
Charlton Comics Space War 21
Charlton Comics Space Western 4
Fawcett Comics Strange Stories from Another World 4
Dell Comics Tom Corbett - Space Cadet 8
Prize Tom Corbett Space Cadet 3
Charlton Comics Unusual Tales 46