All Series (62)

Cover Publisher Name Series Name Issues Count
Charlton Comics Army Attack 8
Charlton Comics Army War Heroes 14
St. John Publications Atom-Age Combat 5
Ace Comics Atomic War 4
Charlton Comics Attack 11
Ajax-Farrell Battle Report 3
Fawcett Comics Battle Stories 11
Charlton Comics Battlefield Action 12
Fawcett Comics Bill Battle 4
Quality Comics Blackhawk 99
St. John Publications Canteen Kate 3
Ajax-Farrell Captain Flight 9
Ajax-Farrell Captain Jet 1
Dell Comics Combat 11
American Comics Group Commander Battle 7
Charlton Comics D-Day 4
Charlton Comics Don Winslow of the Navy 4
Fawcett Comics Don Winslow of the Navy 19
Better Nedor Exciting War 5
Charlton Comics Fightin Air Force 11
Charlton Comics Fightin Army 10
Charlton Comics Fightin Five 14
Charlton Comics Fightin Marines 4
St. John Publications Fightin Marines 12
Charlton Comics Fightin Navy 30
Ajax-Farrell Fighting Man 9
Ziff-Davis Publishing Fly Boy 2
Quality Comics GI Combat 39
Ajax-Farrell GI In Battle 5
Ziff-Davis Publishing GI Joe 49
Charlton Comics Jerry Drummer 3
Fiction House Jet Aces 4
Better Nedor Jet Fighters 3
Better Nedor Joe Yank 12
Dell Comics Jungle War Stories 5
Charlton Comics Marines Attack 5
Ajax-Farrell Men In Action 2
Quality Comics Military Comics 43
Quality Comics Modern Comics 59
Charlton Comics Never Again 2
Fiction House Rangers of Freedom 69
Charlton Comics Soldier and Marine Comics 6
Fawcett Comics Soldier Comics 11
Charlton Comics Special War Series 1
Charlton Comics Submarine Attack 24
Better Nedor This is War 0
Harvey Comics True War Experiences 2
Charlton Comics U. S. Air Force Comics 10
Charlton Comics War and Attack 9
Charlton Comics War at Sea 9
Harvey Comics War Battles 7
Fiction House War Birds 3
Dell Comics War Comics 8
Ace Comics War Heroes 8
Dell Comics War Heroes 10
Charlton Comics War Heroes 27
Ajax-Farrell War Report 2
Ajax-Farrell War Stories 2
Harvey Comics Warfront 27
Fiction House Wings Comics 123
Ace Comics World War III 2
Quality Comics Yanks In Battle 4